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Review & More!

Inc. Magazine named Jackie’s “Calming the Chaos” one of the Top Ten Motivational Books of 2015!

“This book is undoubtedly the best book I read this 2015. The book thought me the most important thing I need to know about productivity, it’s my own productivity hack. I learnt to manage my energy more, instead of time and stress. I also find the step by step formula of managing every component of your lives very helpful. Am a pretty organised guy, both this book challenged my believes about productivity, instead on focusing on time and schedule, more focus should be on managing your energy for increased productivity. In order to progress in our lives we need to look for solutions more inside of us than outside in the world.” ~ Chinonso Anyaehi

“After hearing Jackie Woodside give a fantastic presentation to a group of entrepreneurs, I was eager to read her book “Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather Than Your Time.” This book is so well-written and easy to follow. It is chock-full of information and provides the reader with step-by-step skills to improve productivity and live a less “chaotic” life. After reading this book you will have a better understanding for how you spend your time, as well as how moving at a crazy-fast-paced speed is counterproductive to fully living life and to experiencing all that life has to offer. ” ~ Cynthia Conigliar

“Great book for learning how to enjoy the life you are living. Amazing personal story of transformation. I appreciated the practical methods to shift my mindset. Well written and insightful.” ~ Carla L. McClellan

“Loved this book. My life is chaos for sure. Always running and never seaming to get my to do list done. What better way to get it done, then to get rid of the to do list altogether! I have taken two of Jackie’s trainings and learned so many useful tools to help both at work and at home.
The book is great, and if you can take her class to accompany it , even better!” ~ Carla King

“Jackie Woodside does what works to solve a problem: tackle its root cause. Why try to manage our time when the reason we’re struggling is not the lack of time? I love the fact that every chapter has exercises to help us practice the principles of energy alignment. We see there’s a way to not be “too busy” all the time. The book guides us to reach a place where there’s not only enough time to do what we love, but where we feel completely fulfilled and content. 5 stars!” ~ CK


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